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Paul's Page
Brazilian Grand Prix - qualifying 
20th-Oct-2007 12:00 pm
It's nice & sunny in Sao Paulo for today's qualifying session.
Air temperature 32°C; track 60°C; wind 1.4m/s; humidity 39%

As I noted in my (brief) post on practice, Kazuki Nakajima is in the Williams in place of Alex Wurz.

My notes are behind the cut

Qualifying Session 1 (Q1):
Yamamoto is first on track
SY 1:16.135
AS 1:15.217
RS 1:14.256
Looks like AS has pulled his Spyker off track
HK 1:14.248
GF 1:14.026
DC 1:13.264
MW 1:13.081
Halfway through Q1
LH 1:13.033
5mins left
KR 1:13.016
FM 1:12.303 - that's a lot quicker than his teammate!
3mins left; bottom 6 are JB, RS, AS, KN, AS, SY
Chequered flag is out; bottom 6 are HK, JB, AD, KN, AS, SY
JB to P16, bumping TS
Bottom 6 are: P17=HK, 18=TS, 19=KN, 20=AD, 21=AS, 22=SY.

Qualifying Session 2 (Q2):
The lights have turned green but there's no rush to get on track
4mins of Q2 gone and RS is the first out
(no times from the FIA feed!)
FM 1:12.374
KR 1:12.161
3mins left; bottom 6 are RB, NR, DC, JB, RS, SV
2mins left - looks like almost everyone's been in for fresh tyres
1min left - bottom 6 are still RB, NR, DC, JB, RS, SV
Chequered flag out
DC to P7, demoting VL
RB to P10, but then he's bumped by NH
Bottom 6 are: P11=RB, 12=GF, 13=SV, 14=VL, 15=RS, 16=JB
That means Honda have not had either driver in Q3 all season! :(

Qualifying Session 3 (Q3):
Battling for the top 10 grid spots are KR, LH, FM, FA, RK, MW, NR, JT, DC & NH
The McLarens are at the front of the queue, waiting for the lights to change
LH is first on track
LH 1:14.377
Order after 1 flying lap: LH, RK, FM, NH, NR, FA, KR, MW, JT, DC
Halfway through Q3
FM pits, the first of many to stop
Toyota release JT almost into another car!
Both McLarens pit - LH is first - what will his FIA "minder" have to say about that?
5mins left; order is LH, NR, RK, KR, FM, NH, FA, DC, MW, JT
KR 1:12.539
FM 1:12.128
(LH P2)
(FA P5)
2nd pit stops, with under 3mins left
LH again the first into the McLaren pit box - FA not so close behind him this time
Smoke from KR's Ferrari?
FM 1:11.931
Chequered flag is out - both Ferraris were over in time for one more flying lap
LH was quicker in Sector 2 but goes P2
Top 10 order: P1=FM, 2=LH, 3=KR, 4=FA, 5=MW, 6=NH, 7=RK, 8=JT, 9=DC, 10=NR

Provisional grid: FM, LH, KR, FA, MW, NH, RK, JT, DC, NR, RB, GF, SV, VL, RS, JB, HK, TS, KN, AD, AS, SY.
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