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Paul's Page
Service interruptions 
31st-Aug-2007 05:36 pm
We begin our first move tomorrow so there will be some downtime - quite how much I can't say at present until I know where our server will reside for the next two weeks.

If the server stays down for the duration then we will not be able to receive email at any of our personal domains, but you can still get hold of us via our gmail.com accounts (khenman and phenman respectively), our work email/phone, or cell phones; our home phone number won't change but all calls will go to voicemail until we move into the new place (September 15-16th).

I'll update our sysadmin blog (which is on LiveJournal, so I can update it even when our server is down) with more information as we discover it!

It could be worse - yesterday we didn't even know where we'd be staying so working out what will happen with the server is a much less worrying proposition.

(Hopefully I've posted this early enough that the update will be picked up by Google and RSS feeds.)

Cross-posted from my blog

Update, September 4th @ 2335: we're back online!
1st-Sep-2007 12:57 pm (UTC)
Going down ... now!
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