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Paul's Page
Chinese Grand Prix - Qualifying 
6th-Oct-2007 08:37 am
It's a few hours after the event (I just couldn't stay awake until 2am!) but my notes are behind the cut as usual.

Good news: Lewis Hamilton was cleared after claims that his "erratic driving" caused Vettel to drive into the back of Webber. SV had his 10-grid spot penalty replaced with a reprimand.

Qualifying Session 1 (Q1):
KR out early in this session - he had problems at the end of the last practice session
SY 1:40.285
AS 1:39.010
HK 1:37.810
RS 1:37.545 (Ralf has announced he won't be with Toyota next year)
NR 1:37.536
MW 1:37.267
(Halfway through Q1)
SV 1:37.070
LH 1:35.798
(FA P2) - he's using the T-car because the team didn't have time to rebuild his car after last week's accident
FM 1:35.792
4mins left - KR is the only one yet to set a time
KR 1:35.692
(ideal best lap time 1:35.471, based on the sum of the best sector times)
2mins left; bottom 6 are AW, HK, JT, TS, AS, SY
Chequered flag is out
(AW P11 relegating JB)
(JB P8 pushing DC into P17)
(DC P7 - now GF in P11)
HK & GF both jump up
RS bumps GF back down
Bottom six are: P17=RB, 18=GF, 19=AW, 20=TS, 21=AS, 22=SY

Qualifying Session 2 (Q2):
3mins gone - no-one on track yet
VL 1:36.862
MW 1:36.735
DC 1:36.724
(Half-time for Q2)
FM 1:35.796
KR 1:35.381
3mins left; bottom 6 are SV, HK, RS, AD, JT, NR
Chequered flag is out
(RS P2, demoting JB)
(JB P10; pushing VL to P11)
Out are: P11=VL, 12=SV, 13=JT, 14=HK, 15=AD, 16=NR

Qualifying Session 3 (Q3):
Battling for the Top 10 spots are LH, FA, KR, FM, DC, RS, RK, NH, MW, JB
Interesting new graphic from the FIA showing the tyre temperature, in this case for LH
LH 1:37.432
10mins left; LH is first to pit
LH 1:36.610
5mins left; order is LH, KR, RK, RS, FA, MW, DC, FM, HK, JB
(FA P2)
KR 1:36.548
FM 1:36.221
3mins left - final pit stops starting now - everyone should manage one flying lap
Chequered flag is out
LH 1:35.908
(FA P4)
(KR P2)
(FM can't improve)

Provisional Grid: LH, KR, FM, FA, DC, RS, MW, NH, RK, JB; VL, SV, JT, HK, AD, NR; RB, GF, AW, TS, AS, SY.

Can Lewis Hamilton clinch the Drivers' Championship tomorrow?
6th-Oct-2007 08:05 pm (UTC) - Vettel penalised for impeding
The original website is awash with pop-ups and other annoying gimmicks that I'll copy the whole article here:
A day after his ten-position penalty for the now infamous Fuji collision was withdrawn by stewards, Sebastian Vettel was penalised for an incident in qualifying for the Chinese grand prix.

After qualifying an impressive twelfth, stewards ruled that the German rookie had impeded one of his competitors on the Shanghai circuit, and must move back to 17th for the race.

Toro Rosso technical director Giorgio Ascanelli, however, welcomed the improved pace of the STR2 car, which in the hands of Vettel's teammate Tonio Liuzzi qualified 11th.

"Already in Japan we saw that our car has made a step forward and here it was better still," he said.

Super Aguri's Anthony Davidson, meanwhile, was reprimanded by the stewards - but not penalised - for driving "into the working area of pitlane in an unacceptable manner."
UpdateF1.com's site sucks but I haven't seen this reported anywhere else as yet.
6th-Oct-2007 08:06 pm (UTC) - Re: Vettel penalised for impeding
D'oh! Of course it's on the official FIA website too!
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