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Paul's Page
15th-Mar-2008 10:48 am
I just bought an 8Gb Eee from Canada Computers - they've got 2 left if you're quick!

I was going to take photos of going there & picking it up, but I was running late (Spadina is like a zoo!) and didn't want to be late & miss out. I thought about taking photos as I set it up, but I've got so much junk on my desk as I try to sort out the dual display for the server plus I just want to get on and get it running. :)

...and 9 minutes after opening the box, we're surfing the web :)
(I could have been online sooner but I was messing with system settings, and then I had to find the password for WiFi access.)

It's so cute! (And Kerri agrees)
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