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Paul's Page
Australian Grand Prix - Qualifying 
15th-Mar-2008 12:49 pm
It's the first race weekend of the new season, and I'm using my new toy to write my notes - could it be any better? :)

As usual, I'll put my notes behind a cut in case anyone has not yet seen this session.

(I tend to use the drivers' initials so if you're not familiar with them, check out my summary.)

TSN's coverage starts a few minutes late because of curling :(
At least we get the ITV commentary :)

HK is fastest as we join session 1 (1:25.664) with ~7mins left
NH runs wide but recovers
KR blocks RK - will the stewards start the season with a penalty?
NH to P2 1:25.960
2mins left; bottom 6 are JB, GF, AS, NP, TS, AD
KR coasting into the pits very slowly - can he crawl along to the Ferrari garage? No, he's stopped in pit lane entrance - he hasn't made it over the line so the team can't go and get him
DC to P6
AS has spun and stalled in sector 3
Session ends but (as usual) the drivers can finish their current lap
JB to P11
KR is pushed into the garage - surely he won't be allowed to rejoin?
Bottom 6 are: P17=Fisichella, 18=Bourdais, 19=Sutil 20=Sato, 21=Piquet 22=Davidson

Session 2:
No-one rushing to take to the track
Ferrari say KR's problem was fuel pressure; he'll be in P16
On-board with SV - the car looks stable but clearly the drivers are having to work harder without some of the aids they had last year
MW is off! He's stuck in the gravel
Red flags are out - MW must be in a dangerous spot
Replay looks like a problem with his front-right under braking - did the disk explode?
DC in P1 - 1:26.181
Session restarts with ~8mins remaining
FM on a flying lap - 1:25.691 for P1
RK takes P1 - 1:25.362, with just under 5mins left
LH 1:25.187
JB is currently P8
2mins left; bottom 6 are FA, MW,JT, TG, KN, KR
FA starts his only hot lap with under 30secs left
Session ended
JT to P6, relegating JB to P11
TG to P9
DC to P8
Looks like everyone's finished their flying lap, with lots of shuffling after the flag came out
Bottom 6 are: P11=Barrichello,12=Alonso, 13=Button, 14=Nakajima, 15=Webber, 16=Raikkonen

Final session:
SV is first to set a time ... no, he pits
NR 1:29.144
NH 1:27.821
JT to P2
HK 1:27.178
LH 1:27.092
FM to P2
3mins left; order is LH, FM, HK, NH, JT, DC, NR, RK, SV,RK
SV out of the car without setting a time - saving fuel, not a problem?
Flag is out
RK on a flier - 1:26.869
LH 1:26.714
Sessions over; P1=Hamilton, 2=Kubica, 3=Kovalainen, 4=Massa, 5=Heidfeld, 6=Trulli, 7=Rosberg, 8=Coulthard,9=Glock, 10=Vettel

Provisional grid:
  1. Lewis Hamilton (BGR) McLaren-Mercedes, 1:26.714
  2. Robert Kubica (POL) BMW-Sauber, 1:26.869
  3. Heikki Kovalainen (FIN) McLaren-Mercedes, 1:27.079
  4. Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari, 1:27.178
  5. Nick Heidfeld (GER) BMW-Sauber, 1:27.236
  6. Jarno Trulli (ITA) Toyota, 1:28.527
  7. Nico Rosberg (GER) Williams, 1:28.687
  8. David Coulthard (GBR) Red Bull, 1:29.041
  9. Timo Glock (GER) Toyota, 1:29.593
  10. Sebastian Vettel (GER) Toro Rosso, did not start

    Excluded after second session:
  11. Rubens Barrichello (BRA) Honda, 1:26.173
  12. Fernando Alonso (SPA) Renault, 1:26.188
  13. Jenson Button (GBR) Honda, 1:26.259
  14. Kazuki Nakajima (JAP) Williams, 1:26.413
  15. Mark Webber (AUS) Red Bull, did not finish
  16. Kimi Raikkonen (FIN) Ferrari, did not start

    Excluded after first session:
  17. Giancarlo Fisichella (ITA) Force India, 1:27.207
  18. Sebastien Bourdais (FRA) Toro Rosso, 1:27.446
  19. Adrian Sutil (GER) Force India, 1;27.859
  20. Takuma Sato (JAP) Super Aguri, 1:28.208
  21. Nelson Piquet Jr. (BRA) Renault, 1:28.330
  22. Anthony Davidson (GBR) Super Aguri, 1:29.059

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