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Paul's Page
Malaysian Grand Prix - Friday practice 
21st-Mar-2008 11:02 am
It's only a week since Hamilton won the Australian Grand Prix. Malaysia is warmer and a lot more humid, so it could be even more of a test than Melbourne, and only 7 cars made it to the end of that race! (The forecast is for showers every afternoon of the race weekend, which should make things interesting.)

Practice #1:
Sutil's Force India had an engine blow up early in the session
DC ran a little wide over a corner but rejoining the circuit the kerb was obviously much bigger - it ripped his Red Bull to pieces and he ended up in the gravel with only 2 wheels attached
KR's Ferrari engine died mid-circuit
MW's Red Bull had an oil leak that caused the engine to sieze on the main straight, spinning him across the pit exit
SV's right front brake disk exploded, spinning him across the corner
FM fastest @ 1:35.392

Practice #2:
SB has a close call with NH as he exits the pit box
Another Ferrari engine goes bang, stranding SB on track
RK 1:39.396
LH 1:38.110
HK 1:37.943
KR 1:36.119
NH runs wide but recovers OK
Speed commentators (ugh) say DC's earlier off was caused by a bonding failure on a steering track rod, which is a worrying production problem
Looks like the mechanics are glueing DC's car back together!
FA spins the Renault in the final corner
30mins gone, 60mins left of this session; fastest are KR, SV, FM, HK, LH, JT, FA & NP
45mins gone - KR still fastest
FA tells his pits he can't select 2nd gear - fortunately for him Friday isn't part of the 4-race gearbox rule
KR 1:35.637, just before the clock says 30mins left
FM 1:35.485
(JB in P8)
FM 1:35.206 - first one to beat the best Practice 1 time
AS hangs the tail out, runs wide but gathers it back up
15mins left
KR fighting the Ferrari through the final corner
LH 1:35.055
5mins left - time for some seriously fast laps?
(GF to P8)
LH locks up the front left in the final turn of another hot lap
RK almost turns in on AS as AS was exiting the pits
Aargh! Recording ended with ~90secs left!
Over to FIA website for the results...
Fastest = LH @ 1:35.055
Order was LH, FM, KR, JB, SV, JT, HK, RK, GF, KN, RB, NR, NH, FA, NP, MW, TG, AS, TS, AD, SB, DC
(SB & DC didn't set a time)
Glad to see Button so far up (P4)
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