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Paul's Page
Just another twit(ter) 
24th-Mar-2008 11:03 pm
  • 23:09 Photos from last night are now up @ www.flickr.com/photos/pah57/ #
  • 09:40 Trying a hack to update Twitter from the Linux command line ... and not winning *yet* #
  • 10:11 [blog.henman.ca] links for 2008-03-24:

    Canada beer map | The Beer Mapping Proj.. tinyurl.com/2plblv #
  • 10:18 Sent from my Linux servers command line #
  • 10:20 Next hack is to link this to my UPS status updates #
  • 22:26 I've unbroken the Eee (undone what I did to break it) but now the RAID server isn't responding!! #
  • 22:29 False alarm - RAID server is still running, but it's got a new IP address somehow. It must have rebooted itself this afternoon. #
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