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Paul's Page
McLaren relegated to the shallow end 
30th-Mar-2008 11:55 am
When McLaren had all their 2007 points taken away at the end of last season, the initial thinking was that they would be at the "slow end" of the pit lane because the garages are assigned based on the previous season's standings. Then the FIA decided McLaren wouldn't be able to fit all their equipment unless they were (at least) in the middle of the pit lane, so they were slotted in between Williams and Red Bull Racing.

However, I saw just now that McLaren are being moved to the more pedestrian end of the pit lane.
Bahrain organisers had expected McLaren to take a similar position at Sakhir but said on Sunday they had been forced to make a late change after being told by Formula One Management that would not be the case.
So now they'll be setting up camp next to Force India - aside from the potential collisions as they exit the pit box, and worrying where they'll put all their toys, I suspect the main impact is to their pit strategy.

What's interesting is the "explanation" from the circuit's chief operating officer Sheikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa:
"Sadly on this occasion, we must apologise to McLaren fans and accept that this is force majeure."
...which sound like "the FIA made us do it and we don't agree". So, is this an one-off change for Bahrain or are McLaren relegated for the rest of the season?

In other news (I can't believed I just used the word "news" when referring to something in the News Of The World!), Max Mosley caught on video "visits a sex dungeon and takes part in depraved Nazi orgy". It's probably fake - I'd like to think it's McLaren getting their own back :)
[Spotted via a f1 community post.]
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