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Paul's Page
Bahrain Grand Prix - Qualifying 
5th-Apr-2008 07:01 am
It's warm, as usual, in Bahrain: air temperature 29°C, track 46°C, wind 3.8m/s, humidity 18%
No commentary on the TSN feed

Qualifying Session 1 (Q1):
NP is first on track - posts 1:34.945
SB 1:34.650
TG 1:34.490
NR 1:33.913
15mins left of Q1
JT 1:33.885
LH 1:32.758
(HK to P2)
10mins left
LH 1:32.750
TS limps into the pits after running wide, spinning and touching the tyre wall
FM 1:31.937... so he didn't lift for the yellow flags - will he be penalised?
(KR to P2)
5mins left; bottom 6 are SV, DC, AS, AD, TS, GF
(GF is the only one yet to set a time)
Red flags are out with 4:49 left on the clock - looks like it's because TS's stricken Super Aguri is near the pit entrance
Q1 will restart in a moment - some of the teams are ready to release their cars as soon as it goes green
TSN have found the ITV commentary at last
SV is the first back on track, followed by NR and DC
Everyone bar the top 6 (FM, KR, LH, RK, HK, NH) and TS are now on track
Chequered flag is out
(SV P12, relegating TG)
(DC P10)
(TG P4!)
(JB P5)
(RB P9)
Bottom 6 are: P17=DC, 18=GF, 19=SV, 20=AS, 21=AD, 22=TS
No penalty for FM ignoring the yellow flags - of course not, he's in a Ferrari :(

Qualifying Session 2 (Q2):
SB tells his team he should only do one run - brave or foolish?
Both Renaults head out to start Q2
NP 1:32.824
TG 1:32.539
JT 1:32.159
LH 1:31.922
(KR P2)
FM 1:31.188
(HK P2)
5mins left; bottom 6 are MW, JB, NP, SB, KN, NH (NH yet to set a time)
LH climbs out of the McLaren - hopefully that's confidence and not a problem
2:30 left and the track fills up for the final flying lap
2mins left; bottom 6 are FA, MW, JB, NP, SB, KN
Chequered flag is out
(SB can't improve on P15)
(FA P9)
(JB P10)
Bottom 6 are: P11=MW, 12=RB, 13=TG, 14=NP, 15=SB, 16=KN

Qualifying Session 3 (Q3):
Fighting over the top 10 spots are FM, HK, RK, NH, LH, KR, JT, NR, FA & JB
JB is first to hit the track
JB 1:35.057
NR 1:34.776
NH 1:34.662
LH 1:33.651
(HK P2)
RK 1:33.350 !
FM 1:33.339
4mins left; order = FM, RK, LH, HK, KR, NH, NR, JT, JB, FA
Pits stops aplenty as everyone prepares for one final push
LH is at the head of the procession
LH slightly off the pace in Sector 1 but a great S2
Chequered flag is out
LH 1:33.292
RK 1:33.096
(FM P2)
First pole for BMW and for Kubica!
Order = RK, FM, LH, KR, HK, NH, JT, NR, JB, FA

Provisional grid: RK, FM, LH, KR, HK, NH, JT, NR, JB, FA, MW, RB, TG, NP, SB, KN, DC, GF, SV, AS, AD, TS
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