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Paul's Page
Bahrain Grand Prix - Practice 
4th-Apr-2008 08:11 am
Other than it being dusty, nothing much to note from the first practice session; fastest was FM's 1:32.233

Friday practice 2:
TG locks up and runs wide
JT 1:37.587
NR 1:36.116
SB 1:35.045
FA hangs the Renault's tail out
NH 1:34.536
NH 1:34.324
KR 1:33.550
LH 1:33.068
DC tells the team he's not sure the latest "tweaks" are helping
60mins left
FM 1:32.722
AD runs wide across the gravel ... well, sandy off-track surface
Speed commentators discuss the Max Moseley situation - I think it's clear he has to go, but since when did the FIA act appropriately?
KR runs over some quite fierce rumble strips but fights the Ferrari back onto the track
JB radio: "still struggling with locking [the brakes]"
30mins left
FM 1:32.393
(KR P2)
Lots of brake dust thrown up by FA's Renault
15mins left
NR runs wide, picks up some dust and rejoins the circuit
Big off for LH! He's out of the car OK
Replay shows he ran wide out of T3; heavy side-on impact into the tyre wall
LH only just hit the end of the tyre wall - a few feet further and it would have been the less forgiving armco
2mins left - everyone except DC, GF & LH are on track
FA tries to dive inside AS into T1; AS shuts the door, there's contact and both spin
FM 1:31.420
Chequered flag is out
Top 10 times: FM, KR, HK, LH, RK, NR, DC, KN, SB, NP
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