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Paul's Page
Spanish Grand Prix - race 
27th-Apr-2008 07:40 am
No penalties mean yesterday's provisional grid stands, so the starting order will be: KR, FA, FM, RK, LH, HK, MW, JT, NH, NP, RB, KN, JB, TG, NR, SB, DC, SV, GF, AS, AD, TS.
Most people agree that FA is short-fueled to bump him up the grid, so he'll be pitting early.

Another warm day - air temperature 23°C, track 39°C, wind ~2.3m/s; humidity 30%

Formation lap: KR leads everyone away ... and back onto the grid to form up
FA lights up his tyres and almost hits the pit wall!

01/66: LH passes RK before Turn 1
AS makes a crazy dive up the inside of Turn 4 - it was never going to work - he spins, tags DC and then takes out SV
Safety Car deployed already :(

02[SC]: KR, FM, FA, LH, RK, HK, NH, MW

03[SC]: The fastest lap time ripples down the timing screen and ends up with TS setting the f/lap at 2:10.548, with everyone behind the SC - well, someone has to be fastest given that was the first timed lap :)
SC in at the end of this lap

04: KR takes the green flag and we're racing again

05/66: KR f/lap 1:23.594
FM lets KR open a gap of 1.3secs

06: KR f/lap 1:23.035
NP runs wide into the gravel but recovers - he's dropped from ~P10 to P18

07: KR f/lap 1:22.934
KR leads teammate FM by 1.8s
LH close to FA but not close enough to attack yet

08: KR f/lap 1:22.703
NP tries to go up the inside of SB but SB doesn't see him, turns in and collides
NP out
SB pits - the team replace the nose cone as others check the car ... and he turns the engine off - suspension damage

09: AD pits - problem with the Super Aguri? - yeah, it's jacked up and pushed into the garage

10/66: KR f/lap 1:22.526
KR, FM, FA, LH, RK, HK, NH, MW; retirements: AD, SB, NP, AS, SV

11: KR f/lap 1:22.508
FM has let the gap open to 3.0s

14: KR f/lap 1:22.178

15/66: KR, FM, FA, LH, RK, HK, NH, MW; retirements: AD, SB, NP, AS, SV
LH less than 1sec behind FA (that's the closest battle at the moment) but he can't close in - hopefully FA will pit soon

16: KR f/lap 1:21.971

17: FA first of the scheduled pit stops - 9.3s stop - rejoins behind RB, so he'll be P11

18: KR f/lap 1:21.827

19: ITV interview AD - says a stone punctured his radiator
KN closing on JB, challenging for P12

20/66: FM pits from P2 - stops short of his mark - 8.1s stop - rejoins behind JT for P8

21: KR pits - 8.2s stop
MW and JT pit too
Top drivers setting personal fastest lap times as their fuel gets low and the car gets lighter

22: LH pits from P1, followed by RK
LH - 8.4s - leaves his box a good couple of car lengths ahead of RK
HK's McLaren is buried in the tyre wall at T9 - looks like something broke under braking and he went straight across the gravel

23: SC deployed - HK is still in the car, under the tyres!

24[SC]: Medical car is on scene
SC lets the back markers past and waits for NH (temporarily in P1) catch up
NH pits - the pit lane is NOT open so he'll be penalised

25/66[SC]: still lots of activity around the accident - it's not clear if HK is out of the car or not
Pit lane now open - expect a lot of people to stop now

26[SC]: pitting are RB, JB, KN, GF, DC, TG
RB driving round with the Honda's nose cone trapped under the car - he must have hit something exiting the pits!

27[SC]: Replay shows the nose was already broken as he exits the box
RB re-enters the pits - he's now down in P16 (last)
HK's McLaren lifted by yellow crane and you can see yellow through the tub - that's not good!
Helicopter shot shows HK on a stretcher, giving the thumbs up but it's obvious his left ankle it broken :(

28[SC]: Replay shows a failure on the McLaren's front left wheel as HK enters Turn 9
SC in at the end of this lap

29: KR takes the green flag with teammate FM close behind

30/66: KR, FM, LH, RK, NH, FA, MW, JT; retirements: HK, AD, SB, NP, AS, SV
NH will take his drive-through penalty shortly

31: News from McLaren: HK is "conscious and stable"

33/66: FM has let KR open a 2.1s lead; he's holding LH behind him in P3

34: NH enters the pits to serve his penalty - 10secs stationary in his box - rejoins behind RB for P16/last

35: FA slowing - smoke from the Renault - he parks at the side of the track - ha ha!

36: RB pits for the 3rd time ... and retires

39: KR's lead now 3.4s, with LH now 2.2s off FM

40/66: KR, FM, LH, RK, MW, JT, NR, KN; retirements: FA, RB, HK, AD, SB, NP, AS, SV

41: LH pushing hard - fastest Sector 1 time but lost a little in S2

42: NR's Williams is smoking - pulls off, against the pit wall

44: GF's pit team tell him he's in P8 and to push as hard as he can
ITV say no official update from the medical centre but asking people as they leave suggests he's fine

45/66: GF pits from P8

46: FM f/lap 1:21.801 - he's now 4.0s ahead of LH
NH pits - quite slow out of the box

47: KR f/lap 1:21.670
FM pits from P2 - 7.2s stop
MW pits from P4, followed by JT
Slow stop for JT by the Toyota team

48: KR pits - 9.2s stop - held briefly as LH & RK pass the box
LH pits - 7.6s stop - stays clearly ahead of RK

49: FIA report HK has been taken to a Barcelona hospital for further checks
NH tries to pass GF for P11 but fails

50/66: KR, FM, LH, RK, KN, JB, MW, DC
ITV interview Martin Whitmarsh from McLaren and he confirms HK has no broken bones

52: KN pits from P5, followed by TG
LH still 2.4s behind FM - will he be able to push FM for P2?

53: DC pits from P7

54: TG tries to pass DC in Turn 5 and tags him - looks like DC has a rear left puncture

55/66: DC struggling back to the pits
JB pits
NH goes around the outside in T1 and takes P9 from GF

56: DC pits - doesn't appear to be any other damage

57: order is KR, FM, LH, RK, MW, JB, KN, JT

58: KR's lead 3.1s; LH has closed to 1.8s behind FM but is there time to have a go at taking P2?
JB posts a personal f/lap 1:22.773 - only LH is currently faster
Incident involving cars 9 and 12 (DC & TG) will be investigated by the stewards after the race

60/66: KR, FM, LH, RK, MW, JB, KN, JT; retirements: NR, FA, RB, HK, AD, SB, NP, AS, SV

61: DC closing on TS but isn't close enough to pass

63: DC gets the inside line, but you never know what TS is going to do - TS leaves DC space to pass and takes P12

64: Looks like no-one's close enough to have a final challenge for a points position

65: GF lets the leaders pass

66=final lap: LH closes the gap to FM but there's no time left to have a go
KR takes the chequered flag
FM ~3.2s down the road, wth LH close behind in P3
RK takes P4; MW over 30s behind in P5; JB a further 17s back; KN in the points; JT completes the top 8

Provisional result: KR, FM, LH, RK, MW, JB, KN, JT; NH, GF, TG, DC, TS; retirements: NR, FA, RB, HK, AD, SB, NP, AS, SV

Next race: Istanbul, Turkey, in 2 weeks (May 11).
27th-Apr-2008 07:14 pm (UTC) - HK is OK
“He has no broken bones and CT scans performed at the hospital confirm that he has no head injuries and the team is optimistic that he will make a full recovery over the next few days,” reported McLaren team boss Ron Dennis. “Subject to the results of an FIA medical examination we hope that he will be able to compete in the Turkish Grand Prix.”
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