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Paul's Page
Scotch tasting 
29th-Apr-2008 09:56 pm
Last night's scotch tasting (at the LCBO at Bayview Village) was good: very small group (~10 of us); shame the presenter didn't know the subject very well; the scotches were, in the order we tasted them:
  1. Isle of Jura, 21 year old, $128/bottle; one of my favourites of the evening
  2. Talisker, Distiller's Edition, 13yo, $90/bottle; yeah, Talisker's not usually one I score very highly and this was no different
  3. Auchentoshan, 18yo, $194; quite flowery but hard to tell after the harshness of the Talisker
  4. Cutty Sark, 25yo, $228; some debate over whether it's truly a single malt given it's made from 3 single malts; my note said "meh" (a disappointment given it's price!)
  5. Glen Elgin, 19yo, $200; surprisingly warm taste given the subtle appearance and nose, but quite tasty
  6. Balblair, $323; I'd not heard of this Highland distillery before but very nice - trust me to pick the most expensive one!
  7. Macallan, 18yo; presented as the "mystery glass" for everyone to try to identify, and we all failed; nice one to finish on and just pipped the Balblair as my top choice of the night
I was surprised that no-one else there (including the staff) were aware of Spirit of Toronto which is coming up very soon.
30th-Apr-2008 02:53 am (UTC)
I'm a big Islay (I think that's how it's spelled) fan.

Mind you, I'd be willing to try any of them there save for Cutty Sark.

The only one I'm drinking now is Lachavulan (again with the spelling!!)

30th-Apr-2008 11:14 am (UTC)
Me too, but Bruichladdich and Bowmore rather than Lagavulin or Laphroaig.

Cutty Sark wasn't bad, I just don't think it's worth $200+
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