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Paul's Page
Just another twit(ter) 
7th-Jun-2008 11:02 pm
  • 07:09 is going to have a miserable day - it's 7am and it's already 25C ! :( #
  • 10:27 is having one final go at migrating my blog to the new host; if this doesn't work I'll just start from scratch #
  • 10:42 Ah - I remember why I didn't do it last week - need to rethink content/layout/everything - why am I doing a blog/website? #
  • 12:27 is hoping the people who complained about winter are enjoying this weather because I'm not (in case you hadn't noticed) :p #
  • 12:58 TSN & Speed = major suckdom; is anyone showing Qualifying (for the Candian Grand Prix) live, starting any second now? #
  • 17:29 Woohoo! Kerri just arrived with new AC unit - time to hook it up and set it to work! #
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