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Paul's Page
Canadian Grand Prix - Qualifying 
8th-Jun-2008 10:06 am
Unfortunately we're not in Montreal for the race weekend - maybe next year.

I'd just like to say that TSN & Speed suck for not showing the qualifying seession live. If they're lying about showing the race live then there will be bloodshed! Oh, and there's no commentary for the first 20mins of the repeat on TSN - nice work chumps.

In other news somehow Max Mosley is still president of the FIA, despite Bernie saying he should go and the wishes of those he represents (ignoring Ferrari changing sides).

OK, so on with qualifying; my notes are behind a cut as usual...

SV had a crash in Saturday's practice and damaged the car - the mechanics are still rebuilding his car so he won't be able to take part in qualifying;
SB has a 5-spot penalty after a gearbox change.

Qualifying session 1 (Q1):
By the time we join Q1, there's only 14mins left of this session and KR is in P1 with 1:17.684
(FM P2 1:17.797)
(DC P3)
LH stuck behind a slower car in Sector 1 so he only manages P5
KR 1:17.301
Pit-car for SB: track is dirty, especially in the hairpin (Turn 10)
(HK P2)
10mins left of Q1; order is KR, HK, FM, DC, RB, KN, TG
LH runs close to the wall in Sector 2 but no contact
LH 1:16.909
(HK P2)
(FA P4)
5mins left; bottom 5* are SB, AS, GF, JB, SV (*Remember the qualifying rules changed when Super Aguri dropped out)
JB is out of the Honda and talking to the mechanics
3mins left; bottom 5 unchanged; it's NR & NP on the bubble
JT spins the Toyota as he passes the pit exit but recovers
GF improves his time but not his position, then runs wide in Turn 1
Chequered flag is out
ITV-F1 interview JB: no 3rd gear; hoping for rain
P16=SB*, 17=AS, 18=GF, 19=JB, 20=SV (*SB has a 5-spot penalty to be added)

Qualifying session 2 (Q2):
HK first on track
ITV-F1 report that the debris in the hairpin is tarmac, not marbles! Wow, that's bad - I'm surprised Bernie hasn't told them to fix that if they want to
HK 1:18.160
NR 1:17.970
JT has spun again, this time at the exit of T7 but at least he missed the barriers
FA runs wide in T1
(TG P2!)
LH 1:17.400
(FA P2)
(KR P2)
LH 1:17.034 - second flying lap on the softer compound
(FM P2)
5mins left; bottom 5 are NH, DC, JT, NP, KN
3mins left; time for one last flying lap
(MW P4)
(NH P8 relegating TG)
Chequered flag out
JT manages yet one more spin, this time in the hairpin
MW loses the tail, spins around and clouts the wall with his front right wheel - will he be able to take part in Q3?
P11=TG, 12=KN, 13=DC, 14=JT, 15=NP

Qualifying session 3 (Q3):
Battling over the top 10 positions are LH, FM, RK, FA, HK, MW, KR, NH, NR, RB
DC tells ITV-F1 that his last flying lap was help up by SB and NP
LH & KR queue at the pit lane exit - LH on the soft compound, HK on the harder tyres
HK runs wide in T1 but recovers
ITV-F1 interview MW - says the track is always bad - "not a real race track" - ouch!
LH 1:18.721
5mins left; order is LH, FA, FM, KR, HK, NR
LH 1:18.510
3mins left; order is LH, FA, FM, RK, KR, HK, NR, NH, RB, MW
(KR P2)
(NR P4)
Chequered flag is out
RK 1:18.498
LH 1:17.886 - wow, that's so much quicker!
P1=LH, 2=RK, 3=KR, 4=FA, 5=NR, 6=FM, 7=HK, 8=NH, 9=RB, 10=MW

Provisional Grid: LH, RK, KR, FA, NR, FM, HK, NH, RB, MW, TG, KN, DC, JT, NP, (SB*) AS, GF, JB, SV, SB
(*SB's gearbox change drops him to P20)
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