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Paul's Page
Canadian Grand Prix - Race 
8th-Jun-2008 12:53 pm
I only posted my notes on qualifying a couple of hours ago - fortunately TSN is showing the race live.

The grid is: LH, RK, KR, FA, NR, FM, HK, NH, RB, MW, TG, KN, DC, JT, NP, (SB*) AS, GF, JB, SB, SV

It's 30 years since the first Grand Prix at Montreal, which Gilles Villeneuve won, so there's lots of celebrations at the circuit that now named after him. It's a shame that the poor quality of the track is causing so many problems - the post-qualifying interviews included lots of comments about just how bad it is out there. :(

As always, my notes are behind this cut:

JB hasn't taken his 19th spot on the grid - he'll start from the pit lane following a gearbox change, as will SV who is using the T-car (spare chassis) following his crash in yesterday's practice session.

Air temperature 27°C, track 35°C, wind ~7m/s, humidity 66%

Looks like Ferrari got the tyre warmers off in time this race :p

LH leads everyone (bar SV & JB) away for the formation lap
Most cars appear to be on the harder compound, although LH is on the soft (option) tyre
LH slows to back everyone up, so he won't have to sit on the grid too long, waiting for the back markers

01/70: Looks like everyone made it cleanly through Turn 1 & T2
NR passes FA for P4 in T2
RB up to P9 - he's passed HK & NH

02: LH, RK, KR, NR, FA, FM, HK, RB

03: LH sets fastest lap 1:18.843
KN runs a bit wide in T1

04: LH f/lap 1:18.211
NH gets very close to the tail of RB into the hairpin (T10)

05/70: LH f/lap 1:17.506
NH passes RB in T10, taking P8

06: LH has already opened a 3.0sec lead over RK
SV passes teammate SB for P18

08: JB is 1.5s behind SB and struggling at the back of the field

09: LH leads by 3.6s; RK has a 3.2s gap to KR
FM is closing on FA for P5

10/70: LH, RK, KR, NR, FA, FM, HK, NH, NH
NP takes P14 from TG

11: NP takes a look at doing the same to TG's teammate but JT closes the door

13: NP takes the inside line into T10 - bangs wheels with JT but makes it stick and takes P13 - looks like the track surface is crumbling already

14: LH continues to open the gap over RK - it's now 6.2s

15: KR f/lap 1:17.387
AS has parked the Force India on the side of the track between T3 & T4

16: KR has found some speed in the last couple of laps and is closing on RK
Flames from the brakes on AS's car - fire marshal ready with extinguisher
Looks like the Safety Car is going to be deployed :(

18: Safety Car deployed - there goes LH's 6.8 second lead
JB pits - he'll get a stop-go penalty for that

19[SC]: Pit lane now open
Front-runners head for the pits
LH stays on soft tyres

20[SC]: Accident at the pit lane exit!
LH drove into the back of KR!

21[SC]: Replay shows KR and RK were slowing because the lights were still red, but LH and NR ran into the back of them
SC in at end of this lap

22: NH takes the green flag for the restart
FM pits again - didn't they fuel him when he stopped behind his teammate last lap?

23: NH, RB, KN, MW, DC, JT, TG, GF; retirements: AS, LH, KR

24: Of those who stopped (and survived!) the order is RK, FA, NP, HK, JBSB, NR, FM

25/70: NH has opened a 6.8s gap over RB

26: NH's lead now 9.3s - RB is holding everyone up
Doesn't look like JB is going to penalised for his pit stop while the SC was out

28: RB has KN, MW and DC right behind him
NP spins it in T3 - stops just short of the wall - reverses across the track and rejoins

29: NH should pit at the end of this lap - he's got a 14s lead over RB - rejoins just ahead of teammate RK
Stewards will investigate "incident involving cars 1, 7 and 22 (KR, NR and LH) after the race"

30/70: RK passes NH into T1 - this is for the lead once everyone pits

32: KN is still pushing RB - can he take P1?
Replay of RK passing NH looks like a coordinated move (can't say team orders!)

34: FM dives down the inside of MW in T10 but runs wide
KN pits from P2

35/70: RB, DC, JT, TG, SV, RK, NH, FA (RB to SV have yet to stop); retirements: AS, LH, KR

37: RB pits from P1, giving DC the lead

38: DC pits from P1 - JT now leads the race
SV pits too

39: Only JT and TG (P1 + P2) yet to stop - JT pits at the end of this lap

40/70: TG, RK, NH, FA, DC, RB, HK, FM - surely TG must pit soon?

41: ITV-F1 interview LH: saw the red light too late to stop

42: FA nearly rear-ends NH into the hairpin
NP is pushed into the garage

43: TG pits; RK told by his team to push hard to open a gap for his 2nd stop

44: FA is told his brakes are OK for now, so he must have a different setup to his teammate NP
FA has another go in T10 but runs wide and NH keeps P2

45/70: NH's team tell him to let FA pass if fighting him is causing NH to slow down - good tactical call because FA has to pit again but NH doesn't

46: FA spins in T7 - hits the wall - he's out

47: KN hits the rear of a Honda in T10

48: KN pits for a new nose - his front wing gets stuck under the car and he slides into the wall - stops, blocking the pit lane entrance

49: RK pits from P1 - they've moved KN's car fortunately - rejoins ahead of DC, maintaining the BMW 1-2

50/70: RK, NH, DC, RB, HK, FM, JB, TG; retirements: AS, LH, KR, NP, FA, KN

52: HK passes RB into T10 (the hairpin) but as they slow (because of the marbles) FM sneaks inside them both and takes P4

53: GF has spun the Force India coming out of T4 - hits the wall backwards

54: FM, HK, JB, MW all pit - presumably that's in case the SC is deployed

55/70: No sign of the SC being deployed, and GF's car has been removed under double yellows

57: RK has a comfortable 8.7s lead over his teammate, who has 4.7s over DC

58: DC runs a little wide, seems to slow - gearbox problem?

59: ITV-F1 say DC's brakes are running very hot
RB runs wide and TG takes P4 ... and JT pushes RB down to P6

60/70: RK, NH, DC, TG, JT, RB, FM, SV; retirements: AS, LH, KR, NP, FA, KN, GF

61: NR tries to take P8 from SV but instead runs wide and HK takes P9 from NR

62: HK runs a bit wide in T1
FM passes RB for P6

63: RK's lead now 13.3s

64: DC reminded to take care of his brakes and short-shift if needed

65/70: RK, NH, DC, TG, JT, FM, RB, SV
HK pushing SV for P8, and SV in turn is pushing RB

67: JT straightlined the chicane - should he yield to FM or wait to see what the stewards do?

68/70: JT runs wide and drops from P5 to P6
Replay shows it was TG who ran wide, causing JT to slow up

69/70: RK, NH, DC, TG, FM, JT, RB, SV

70 = final lap: MW spins but recovers
RK takes the chequered flag and the lead in the Drivers' Championship
P2=NH, 3=DC, 4=TG, 5=FM, 6=JT, 7=RB, 8=SV
P9=HK, 10=NR, 11=JB, 12=MW, 13=SB

Post-race interviews:
RK: very difficult; like sand off-line; fantastic for the team and for me
NH: good choice (strategy) and good result; stwuggled on soft tyres; not blindingly quick but I could keep Alonso behind; not what a Formula One circuit should look like
DC: didn't expect a podium

Next race: Magny-Cours, France, June 20-22.
8th-Jun-2008 10:35 pm (UTC)
I just saw the highlights on the news and I must admit ...

Hamilton needs to go back to school and learn that red means "stop"

8th-Jun-2008 10:46 pm (UTC)
8th-Jun-2008 10:44 pm (UTC)
LH & NR both given 10 grid spot penalty for the French GP.
[source: BBC]
9th-Jun-2008 02:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that's not gonna help the next race.

The way I saw it, it was 50/50. LH was definitely not watching the track and KR jumped in line.
10th-Jun-2008 10:34 am (UTC)
It's amazing how many anti-Hamilton people there are; some seem to think he chose to hit the Ferrari rather than Kubica.

I'm surprised the McLaren team didn't warn him about the safety car coming round and therefore the lights being red. There's a lot happening (in the car) when he pits, which is why there's a team of people watching for other cars, etc.
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