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Paul's Page
German Grand Prix - Qualifying 
19th-Jul-2008 07:43 am
TSN are showing golf (why?) so that means I'm reduced to shouting at the hopeless commentators on Speed :(
Hold on - I've just found it's also listed on "Sports Preview Channel" (#204) - hopefully they'll have the ITV feed.
Update: no, 204 is just blank so I'm stuck with Speed :(
Not only does Speed's commentary suck, they start ~8mins after qualifying really starts so it's out of sync with the FIA Live Timing info - hopeless :(

Track temperature 27°C; air 23°C; wind 7.6m/s; humidity 48%; the forecast says there may be showers during qualifying.

McLaren are looking strong - LH was fastest in both Friday practice sessions and HK was fastest in today's practice.

My notes are behind a cut as usual:

Qualifying Session 1 (Q1):
NR is first on track, followed by SB, AS and GF
NR 1:17.522
SV 1:17.030
KR 1:16.810
NR 1:16.686
MW 1:16.395
KR 1:16.352
MW 1:16.058
FM 1:15.884
KR 1:15.627
FM 1:15.255
(HK P2)
LH 1:15.218 despite a mistake in Turn 5, the hairpin
10mins left - FA, NP, NH and RK yet to set a time
(JB P10)
5mins left; bottom 5 are AS, JT, DC, GF, NP
Quick pit stop before the final flying lap
3mins left; bottom 5 are AS, JT, DC, GF, NP
FM 1:14.921
(KR P2)
Did GF hold up RK?
(DC P8)
Chequered flag falls
Bottom five are: P16=KN, 17=NP, 18=RB, 19=AS, 20=GF
NP tells his pits that SV blocked him on his last lap
(Speed are still showing Q1, still about 9mins behind what's really happening)

Qualifying Session 2 (Q2):
Session started but no rush for anyone to get on track
3mins into Q2 - still no-one has gone out
KR is first out of the pits, with almost 5mins gone of this session
KR's on the softer compound tyre, as is teammate FM
Within 90secs, everyone bar the BMWs are on track
KR 1:14.949
FM 1:14.747
LH 1:14.603
5mins left; bottom 5 are SV, SB, JB, NH, RK
HK runs a bit wide and kicks up the dirt
3mins left; bottom 5 are DC, NR, SV, SB, JB
Time for one last flying lap
SB locks up in the hairpin
Chequered flag comes out
Bottom five are: P11=TG, 12=NH, 13=NR, 14=JB, 15=SB
I hate how Speed give each of the drivers stupid nicknames ... I just hate Speed - waste of space!

Qualifying Session 3 (Q3):
Battling for the top 10 spots are LH, FM, HK, FA, KR, RK, JT, DC, SV & MW
JT first to take to the track, on the harder tyre
JT 1:17.126
KR 1:17.101
FM 1:16.323
HK ran wide into the gravel and out of it again
(FA P2)
3mins left; order is FM, FA, LH, RK, KR, JT, MW, SV, DC, HK
Pit stops - presumably everyone will be on the softer tyre for their final dash
HK a little hesitant as he exits the pit box but gets underway just as LH heads in for his stop
Chequered flag waves for the end of Q3
(KR P2)
FM 1:15.859
(HK P2)
LH 1:15.666
(FA P4)
(JT P4)
(MW P8)
(SV P9)
Stupid fake German accents from Speed commentators - you guys are so annoying that, if TSN are showing golf again tomorrow (you suck too!) then I'll be watching with the sound off. I can't believe they pay these idiots.

Provisional Grid: LH, FM, HK, JT, FA, KR, RK, MW, SV, DC; TG, NH, NR, JB, SB; KN, NP, RB, AS, GF
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