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Hungarian Grand Prix - Qualifying

McLaren look to be quick again this weekend, although NP did well to be 2nd fastest in yesterday's practice.

Air temp 30°C; track 43°C; wind 3.2m/s; humidity 41%; dry.

My notes are behind the cut as always...

Qualifying Session 1 (Q1):
SV first on track - he had hydraulic problems yesterday so he needs the track time
SB, DC & NR also on track
SV 1:21.464
(DC P2)
TG 1:20.258
HK 1:20.156
(FM P3)
(KR P4)
LH 1:19.376 - wow, that's 0.8s quicker than his teammate!
Note - FM on the super-soft (option) tyre and still is off the pace
10mins left - 5 drivers yet to set a time
(HK P2 1:19.945)
(JT P3)
FA runs quite wide in the final turn - he's on the super-soft tyre and can only manage P8
(JB P14)
AS runs extremeley wide in the final turn - almost hits the wall but recovers it
5mins left; bottom 5 are RB, KN, NR, GF, AS - both Williams and a Honda!
On-board with FM shows they're still got problems with the Ferrari not turning in cleanly
(FM P2)
KR can't improve on P5
SB on his out lap ahead of NH - will the stewards see that as blocking?
Cheqeured flag is out
(NR P13)
(JB P15) - that relegates NH to P16, so the stewards will have to make a call very quickly
Provisionally the bottom 5 are: P16=NH, 17=KN, 18=RB, 19=GF, 20=AS

Qualifying Session 2 (Q2):
TG first on track, followed by KR
NR over pit-car radio: the harder tyre (the soft compound, rather than the super-soft option) is better for him
TG 1:19.246
(KR P2)
(HK P3)
(LH P2)
FM 1:19.068
5mins left; 2 cars yet to set a time
4mins left; bottom 5 are DC, NP, JB, SB, NR* (*yet to set a time)
(HK P4)
NR out of the car without setting a time - must be a problem with the car
Chequered flag falls
(SV P9)
(NP P9)
(MW P9)
(JB P12)
Bottom 5 are: P11=SV, 12=JB, 13=DC, 14=SB, 15=NR
Apparently it's a hydraulic problem for NR

Qualifying Session 3 (Q3):
Battling for the top 10 spots are FM, TG, LH, HK, JT, KR, RK, FA, MW, NP
JT & TG are first out, and both Toyotas are on the harder tyre
TG 1:21.326
(JT P2)
(RK P3)
(KR P2)
(FM P2)
LH 1:20.974
3mins left; TG is first to pit
Looks like everyone's going with the less-soft compound for the final flying lap
With just 1 lap left, the order is LH, TG, FM, KR, MW, JT, RK, FA, HK, NP
Chequered flag falls
(RK P2)
(FA P2)
(HK P2)
(JT P8)
(KR P5)
(FM P3)
LH 1:20.899 - extending his lead
Top 10 are: P1=LH, 2=HK, 3=FM, 4=RK, 5=TG, 6=KR, 7=FA, 8=MW, 9=JT, 10=NP

Provisional Grid: LH, HK, FM, RK, TG, KR, FA, MW, JT, NP, SV, JB, DC, SB, NR, NH, KN, RB, GF, AS
Will we see a penalty for SB?
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