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Hungarian Grand Prix - Race

As expected, Bourdais was penalised for blocking Heidfeld's flying lap in yesterday's qualifying session 1, so the grid is: LH, HK, FM, RK, TG, KR, FA, MW, JT, NP, SV, JB, DC, NR, NH, KN, RB, GF, SB, AS.

Air temperature 29°C; track 44°C; wind 4.8m/s; humidity 39%; it's hot and dry in Budapest.

As always, my race notes are behind this cut...

Formation lap: LH leads everyone away
Looks like everyone except DC is on the less-soft tyre compound
A long wait for the grid to form up

01/70: FM passes HK coming off the grid
FM passes LH in Turn 1
TG has passed RK for P4
FA has taken P6 away from KR

02: FM, LH, HK, TG, RK, FA, KR, MW

03: Fastest lap for FM 1:23.299
LH f/lap 1:22.977
Replay shows JB passing teammate RB for P13

04: FM f/lap 1:22.781
LH f/lap 1:22.617

05/70: FM f/lap 1:22.359
FM's lead is 1.1s over LH - the expectation is that Ferrari will pit first so he needs to open a good lead

06: FM f/lap 1:22.297

07: FM f/lap 1:22.213 - his lead is now 1.7s

08: FM f/lap 1:22.059

10/70: FM, LH, HK, TG, RK, FA, KR, MW
FM's lead is up to 2.2s
AS has another off-track excursion

11: FM f/lap 1:21.860

13: FM f/lap 1:21.479 - gap to LH 2.8s

15/70: FM, LH, HK, TG, RK, FA, KR, MW; no retirements

16: FM f/lap 1:21.414
2-stop pit window in ~4 laps - how soon will FM stop?

17: FM f/lap 1:21.355 - gap now 3.2s

18: McLaren sell Ferrari a dummy as they look like they're going to pit but then the mechanics go back in the garage

19: FM pits - used set of harder tyres - 8.2sec stop - rejoins between FA and KR
RK pits too, as does MW

20/70: LH pits - only 1 lap later than FM! - long fuel stop - 9.7s - rejoins behind KR
Mind you, McLaren have recently been nervous of the safety car closing the pit lane and often pit earlier than they need to

21: TG pits from P2 - long stop - 13.5s

22: HK pits from P1 - 9.9s stop
KR dropping down the timing chart - another transponder problem?

23: KR held up as he tries to pass a Toro Rosso
FA and KR pit together - that opens up the air ahead of LH
FA exits his pit box just feet ahead of KR
KR very close to the rear of the Renault in Turn 1

24: JT pits from P3 - harder tyres again
SV pits a 2nd time - problems?

25/70: FM, LH, NP*, HK, TG, DC*, FA, KR (*yet to pit)
SV's car is pulled into the garage

26: NP pits from P3 - rejoins just behind KR - the plan was probably to get him out behind his teammate (FA) and hold KR off

28: FM has a 3sec lead over LH again

30/70: FM, LH, HK, TG, FA, KR, NP, JT; retirement: SV
DC pits - harder (prime) tyre

32: JB makes his first stop
SB pits - looks like fire extinguisher foam on the right side of the car!
Replay shows a brief flash fire near the refuelling hose which was very quickly put out

34: RB pits - problem with the refuelling rig
Replay shows flames on both KN and RB's cars as they're fuelled!

35/70: FM, LH, HK, TG, FA, KR, NP, JT; retirement: SV
FM's lead 4.0s over LH

38: ITV-F1 talk to Nick Fry at Honda - they're investigating cause of fire

39: NH is the only one yet to pit

40/70: FM, LH, HK, TG, FA, KR, NP, JT; retirement: SV

41: Pit-car for NR tell him to stay out of GF's slipstream to cool the Williams

42: LH off the pace in Sector 1 - runs wide in Turn 5 - left front puncture!

43: LH pits, already down to P5 - swaps to the super-soft option tyre - rejoins ahead of DC (P11)

44: FM pits from P1 - he had a 23.5s lead over HK - option tyre on - 7.5s stop - rejoins ahead of TG

45/70: HK, FM, TG, FA, KR, NP, JT, RK; retirement: SV
LH (P10) is ~7secs behind MW

48: TG pits from P3

49: HK pits from P1 - 6.8s stop - rejoins behind KR

50/70: FM, FA, KR, HK, TG, NP, JT, RK; retirement: SV
LH has passed MW and DC - he's now in P9, 6.7s behind RK
KR hangs the tail out, runs wide, easing the pressue off FA

51: FA pits from P2; RK pits too

52: KR pits from P2 - rejoins ahead of FA - how can that be? FA must have had a slow stop

53: JB pits from P13 - 7.2s stop - rejoins alongside HK and lets him pass before T1

54: JT pits for his final stop; DC pits too

55: NP pits from P4; RB pits too

56: NP pushes JT wide as he rejoins

58: Everyone has made their 2nd pit stop except NH (is he 1-stopping?), NR and KN
Will LH need a splash+dash?

59: Poor TV coverage of LH's climb back up the charts - he's in P6 now
TG runs wide but recovers

60/70: FM, HK, TG, KR, FA, LH, NP, JT; retirement: SV
KR f/lap 1:21.267
NR pits

61: Closest battle is NP+JT (P7+8) and NH+DC (P11+12)

62: KR f/lap 1:21.195 - he's 4.2s behind TG and trying to steal that podium position away
Replay shows AS with problems in Turn 1 - brake failure?

64: AS pits - Mike Gascoigne checks it and sends the car back out

65/70: FM, HK, TG, KR, FA, LH, NP, JT; retirement: SV
KR now 1.5s off TG

66: AS pits and parks in the garage

67: TG has just 0.8s lead over KR

68: Smoke pouring out of a Ferrari - it's FM! He's stopped near the end of the pit wall

69: HK, TG, KR, FA, LH, NP, JT, RK; retirements: FM, AS, SV
LH is 1.7s behind FA but he won't be able to take P4 - it's too risky

Final lap: KR has backed off, as has LH

HK takes the chequered flag for his first Formula One win!
TG finishes in a very good 2nd place
KR brings home the sole Ferrari

Provisional result: HK, TG, KR, FA, LH, NP, JT, RK, MW, NH, DC, JB, KN, NR, GF, RB, SB

Podium: is it just me or does it look like the trophies are urns with someone's ashes?!

Post-race interviews:
HK: "about halfway through the race it started to work for me"; careful to avoid tyre degradation
TG: "last stint with soft tyres was a bit tricky"; "had to be really focused on the tyres"
KR: stuck behind FA until 2nd stop; "a bit lucky"

Next race: it's a 3-week break until the European GP in Valencia (Aug 22-24)
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