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Italian Grand Prix - practice

I feel grubby because I can't not watch Formula One, but I know it's wrong - the FIA is so corrupt that it's pointless for anyone other than Ferrari to race. :(

I don't know what the FIA are thinking posting a page with the headline "Ferrari out for revenge" - what, they're annoyed at being handed the victory in Belgium? Aaaargh!

It rained earlier and the first practice session so there were lots of people going off track, and it ended with the red flags coming out a few minutes before the scheduled end. (Adrian Sutil was fastest in the Force India!)

Ferrari have announced they've signed Raikkonen until the end of the 2010 season, which means the drivers are unchanged.

It's Williams' 500th Grand Prix this weekend so they'll be looking for a better performance than they've managed lately.

Practice session# 2 notes after the cut:
SB 1:36.976
SV 1:36.705
NR 1:36.296
SV 1:35.760
NR 1:35.663
HK 1:35.010
SB 1:34.819
HK 1:34.088
KR 1:33.774
KR 1:33.010
15mins gone; 75mins left
KR 1:32.231
Race marshal stands ready with a Wet Track sign but it seems unlikely at the moment
A couple of drivers trying dry tyres but they're off the pace
30mins gone; 60mins left
Speed TV show replays of the Hamilton/Raikkonen incident at last weekend's Belgian Grand Prix - the FIA say they'll hear the appeal before the end of the month
SB goes fastest in Sector 1 and 2 but slower in S3 and only manages P2 - he's on dry tyres
SB 1:32.082 on his second lap on dry tyres - that means the rest of the drivers will switch over
TG 1:31.503
SV 1:30.638
JB 1:29.716
SV 1:28.409
SV 1:27.607
(LH goes P2 on his first lap)
LH 1:26.621
45mins gone; 45mins left
LH 1:25.908
(HK P2)
(FM P2)
KR 1:25.836
FM 1:25.676
KR 1:25.566
SB, who was the first to put in a fast time on dry tyres (and went P1) is now P20, almost 5secs off the pace!
RK 1:25.499
FM 1:25.390
Speed TV just commented on SB too - they must be reading my notes :)
RK 1:25.101
RK spins in Turn 1 - took a little too much kerb on the way in to the chicane?
60mins gone; 30mins left - fastest are RK, SV, FM, KR, NH, HK, LH, SB
RK 1:24.287
(LH P2 - there's ~1sec gap, so RK is *fast*)
RK 1:23.931
AS spins is Lesmos but recovers it
(FM P2)
NP spins the Renault in the chicane (Turn 1) and stalls it, so the marshals have to use a crane to clear the car away under local yellow flags
(KR P2)
(NH P2 - that makes BMW 1st and 2nd)
15mins left
5mins left
KR 1:23.861
1min left; everyone is on track (except NP who retired earlier)
Chequered flag out
Fastest were KR, RK, NH, LH, NR, FM, HK, MW
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