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Paul's Page
Just another twit(ter) 
13th-Sep-2008 02:32 am
  • 07:52 wonders why "Ferrari [are] out for revenge" after being given the victory in Belgium? www.formula1.com/news/features/2008/9/8357.html #
  • 08:12 feels grubby for watching Practice for this weekend's Italian Grand Prix (which Ferrari will "win") - henman.livejournal.com/1299 ... #
  • 09:37 wants Rogers to stop interfering with my Google searches; time to investigate OpenDNS or similar #
  • 11:19 is going to have another try at upgrading the PC's BIOS, but if this doesn't work then I'll be shopping at the weekend! #
  • 12:38 only has the Eee and G4 left working! BIOS upgrade said checksum was OK; ran it; it failed! Now won't boot :( Knew it was time for new PC! #
  • 12:48 so I'm surfing (looking at PC prices) from the 7" Eee ... connected to the 22" LCD, which in 640x480 looks really chunky! :) #
  • 14:21 off to Canada Computers to buy new mobo+CPU+RAM; I don't think this counts as a 2nd frivolous purchase because I'm PC-less! #
  • 16:11 @closetgeekshow Re: Queen West Art Crawl - maybe Sunday? #
  • 16:15 @closetgeekshow KITT stolen == poor hoax, I bet #
  • 16:26 bought a Core2 Quad core processor (2.66GHz, 1333MHz FSB, 6Mb cache), Asus P5Q mobo, and 2Gb DDR2 1150MHz Reaper HPC ... now to install it! #
  • 17:10 just discovered the dual-monitor video card is AGP, not PCI Express :( Which means another shopping trip tomorrow :( #
  • 18:14 is off to badminton, leaving heaps of PC parts strewn across the study! #
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