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Paul's Page
Just another twit(ter) 
15th-Sep-2008 02:31 am
  • 08:12 is watching the very wet Italian Grand Prix - my notes @ henman.livejournal.com/1300461.html #
  • 10:04 @closetgeekshow I'm going to have to pass on the art crawl - sorry; got to rebuild a PC and catch up on stuff that should've been done Fri #
  • 10:05 was on TV yesterday, at the Canoe Kayak event down at Ontario Place - CBC showed it live so you've missed it :p #
  • 11:17 has the new mobo, CPU, RAM and video card hooked up (using the old PSU and case) and can at least get it to POST; HDDs next... #
  • 12:41 has the new PC connected up at the hardware level but Winblows is refusing to play :( I don't want to waste my day reinstalling everything #
  • 14:45 is finally back online (via the Eee) - router went sick ~2hrs ago and suddenly just fixed itself. Meanwhile still having probs with new PC #
  • 15:26 still has problems with WiFi, and Windoze is still repairing on the new PC #
  • 16:02 WiFi problem was caused by the router resetting itself (did I unplug it by accident?) and reverting to default settings; fixed now #
  • 16:03 had to re-authorise my legal(!) copy of Windows Media Centre because of "significant hardware changes" - yeah, new mobo et al = significant #
  • 17:22 is having reinstall XP SP3 - only another 3mins to go - yawn #
  • 17:50 forgot about the 13 security patches and multiple reboots; remind me again why I'm using Winblows (as well as Linux and OS X) #
  • 18:17 ...and then there's patches for those patches, and of course that means more reboots :( #
  • 20:07 is still applying patches to patches to patches (ad nauseum) to Service Pack 3. Ugh! When will this machine be usable? #
  • 21:00 has finally managed to log in as myself for the first time since Friday morning; PC is still not finished but at least I can get to my email #
  • 21:34 has got a lot of email to catch up on; I'm declaring "bankruptcy" for blogs, tweets + LJ - I can't catch up so tell me if I missed anything #
  • 23:35 is enjoying the evening breeze ... but not the rain so much :) #
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