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Paul's Page
Just another twit(ter) 
25th-Sep-2008 02:32 am
  • 08:18 is starting the day with a doughnut! Start the day as you mean to go on :) #
  • 08:41 @andreat76 OMG! Gay Aitken is gay! Rly? ... and unfortunately some media outlets will consider this "news"! #
  • 09:56 welcomes Torbay to the 1980s - well done! tinyurl.com/48la3r #
  • 10:12 just added an RSS feed via toluu 'Pixel Bits' www.toluu.com/feeds/348454344/ #
  • 10:14 can smell the TTC roofers cooking up again #
  • 16:25 just got back from lunch with Rob! Decided to take scenic route home from Front & Church, via Queens Quay, Poulton Pier, etc! Sore feet! #
  • 17:16 playing with TwittEarth.com tinyurl.com/3k5hgc #
  • 17:27 has barely caught up and it's almost time for badminton; just have to upload my 'yellow' photos for the Rainbow Week Challenge #
  • 17:28 @olliesaunders Nice for the odd post but not something I'd use very often; found via @juliaroy #
  • 18:21 has dashed through today's photos - Yellow now up @ flickr.com/photos/pah57/sets/72157607438352254/ #
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