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Paul's Page
Singapore Grand Prix - Practice #1 
26th-Sep-2008 07:06 am
Therer is no TV coverage of the first practice session, or online coverage beyond just the official timing data, so my notes are very limited.
As always, they're behind a cut...

Within the first few minutes of the session, almost everyone has gone out; exceptions are LH, KR, FM, RB
Looks like they all just left the pits, did part of a lap, and then headed back into the pits - no-one completed a lap
LH went out too, as did RB, so just the Ferrari duo yet to take to the circuit
10mins gone = 80mins left; everyone is in the pits
JB is first to go back out, and is the first to start a proper lap
JB 1:59.967
TG 1:52.618
(SB P2)
(JB P2)
TG 1:49.942
(SB P2)
TG continues to post fastest sector times
TG 1:49.396
Only 5 drivers have posted a time so far; order is TG, SB, JT, SV, JB
TG 1:48.890
TG 1:48.155
(JT P2)
30mins gone; 60mins left
Yellow flag is out - MW is stopped on track - can't tell more than that
Everyone except HK and LH are on track
FA sets fastest Sector 1 and S2 times, but can't improve on P4 - must have messed up S3
RK 1:47.783
FA 1:47.344
45mins gone; 45mins left
LH 1:47.160
FA 1:46.959
FM 1:46.415
(RK P2, KR P3)
60mins gone; 30mins left
FM 1:46.222
KR 1:46.103
LH 1:46.035
LH 1:45.936
75mins gone; 15mins left
Yellow flags again - RB is stopped on track
10mins left
5mins left; yellow flag still out
(KR improves but still P2)
Yellow flag withdrawn with less than 2mins left
LH 1:45.518
Chequered flag is out

Friday Practice #2 starts in an hour (0930 my time)... my notes are @ http://henman.livejournal.com/1308618.html
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