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Paul's Page
Singapore Grand Prix - Practice #2 
26th-Sep-2008 09:30 am
Looks like the VIPs are still walking through the pits, so Practice 2 is delayed by 2 mins.

The circuit looks very well lit, although apparently photographers and drivers have said it could still be brighter. (Remember it's 9:30pm local time.)

It's interesting to see where the track passes under one of the grandstands - that must be a great place to sit!

My notes from the first practice session are here; as always, my notes are behind a cut...

Quick recap of Practice 1 showed MW lost it under braking and hit the barriers, and RB spin into the tyre wall
JT was fined $10,000 for driving in the wrong direction (so he could backtrack and enter the pit lane) after spinning in the final turn. Sounds pretty lenient considering how dangerous that was!
Fastest in the first practice = LH 1:45.518

NR first on track
NR spins the Williams after having to use the escape road
SV 1:50.215
RK 1:49.431
FA 1:47.883
Speed Channel's commentators say the circuit officials listened to the drivers' complaints about the "tortoise kerbs" and have reduced their size
NR 1:46.931
(HK P2)
Speed just showed the McLaren video where they're fixing the rally car style lights on the race car :)
NR 1:46.835
15mins gone; 75mins left
LH 1:46.113
SV takes to the escape road after missing his braking point
LH 1:46.080
KN gets the same corner wrong, thinks about trying to take the corner, sees the wall getting closer and takes to the escape road
30mins gone; 60mins left; KR and MW yet to go out - MW's car still being rebuilt after his off in the earlier practice session
...and with that, KR goes out ... but he can only manage P16
LH 1:45.805
NR hits the new "lower" kerbs and the car is thrown sideways, but he keeps it out of the wall
FM takes to the escape road - stops just before the wall - reverses very close to another wall, then lights up the tyres to spin the Ferrari around
45mins gone - that's half the session over
GF reports a gearbox problem
(FM P2)
30mins left; MW is still waiting for his car to be fixed after his Session 1 incident
MW finally exits the pits with just 27mins left - it's a stupid rule that prohibited him from using the T-car (spare)
MW's first flying lap is a slow one (nearly 6secs off the lead pace) - guess he doesn't want to break the car again :)
FM enters the pit lane, drives past his garage, crosses the exit line and practices a start
Speed talk about JT's penalty - describe the fine as "another fluid interpretation of the rules" :)
FM 1:45.793
15mins left
SB tell his mechanics that the tyres go away very quickly
(HK P2, only 4-thousandths of a second slower than FM)
LH 1:45.752
5mins left; top 8 are LH, FM, HK, NR, RK, KR, FA, TG
(MW jumps from P20 to P9)
FA 1:45.654
Chequered flag out for the end of this session
TG has lost his front wing - replay shows he ran wide, lost it on the outside kerb and ran nose-first into the inside wall

Top 8: FA, LH, FM, HK, NR, RK, KR, JB
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