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Paul's Page
Brazilian Grand Prix - Practice 
31st-Oct-2008 12:13 pm
It's the final race of the season; Hamilton wins the Drivers' Championship if...
  • Massa wins in Brazil, Hamilton must finish at least fifth to be champion
  • Massa is second, Hamilton must finish at least seventh
  • Massa is third or lower, Hamilton is champion regardless of his result
There's likely to be rain today.

Jarno Trulli sat out Thursday's proceedings at the Interlagos circuit, amid reports he is not well (F1Live reports) but he's on track today.

It's David Coulthard's last race after 15 years in F1! His Red Bull is sporting a white paint job for this race, with the advertising replaced with the name of his charity, Wings For Life.

Organisers of the race at Interlagos said that, depending on the outcome of the preceding 70 laps, either Felipe Massa's parents Luiz Antonio and Ana Elena, or Lewis Hamilton's father and brother Anthony and Nicholas, will be invited to officially mark the end of the race. [source: UpdateF1.com]

First practice recap: Massa fastest (1:12.305) followed by Hamilton, Raikkonen, Kubica, Kovalainen, Alonso, Webber and Piquet.

Second practice:
Amazing on-board camera view from DC's helmet cam - it really shows how poor their visibility is!
JT 1:13.478
There are a few odd spots of rain
TG 1:13.201
FM 1:13.077
JT 1:12.999
15mins gone; 75mins left
NR 1:12.879
(FM P2)
(LH down in P7; KR P5; HK P10)
JT 1:12.670
fm 1:12.569
30mins gone; 60mins left
JT 1:12.435
FM 1:12.353
It's only a few drops but it's definitely starting to rain
45mins gone = half way through the session
60mins gone; 30mins left; FM still tops the timing charts @ 1:12.353
(LH still down in P8; hopefully McLaren are sandbagging and this isn't an indication of how his race will go)
Rain expected with about 15mins left
5mins left; FM P1, KR P6; LH P5, HK P12; Ferrari appear to be stronger, but it's only Friday
(KR P3)
3mins left
FA 1:12.296
Chequered flag is out
Order: FA, FM, JT, KR, MW, SV, NP, NR, LH, KN, DC, RK, NH, TG, HK, RB, SB, JB, AS, GF.
If this session's times are indicative of race performance, Massa will win the Championship
Note: Massa's race engine is new whereas Hamilton will use the same one he had in China.
31st-Oct-2008 06:05 pm (UTC)
Listening to the BBC Radio 5 Live podcast in which they asked Alonso how he felt about Hamilton; FA said he "has great respect for Lewis", but he "will always prefer any team than McLaren wins"! Ouch!
31st-Oct-2008 06:48 pm (UTC)
Alonso ricks of bitterness.

If he wasn't a prick last season maybe he was in the running to be a champ this season.
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