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Paul's Page
Brazilian Grand Prix - Final Practice 
1st-Nov-2008 09:01 am
My notes from Friday's practice sessions is @ http://henman.livejournal.com/1326996.html

Massa was fastest in the first of yesterday's sessions (1:12.305) and second quickest in the afternoon session behind Alonso (FA posted 1:12.296).

First on track for today's final practice are Sutil and Fisichella
Everyone except KR and FM do an installation lap and return to the pits
GF is first to start a proper lap
GF 1:21.255
GF 1:20.178
GF 1:19.243
AS 1:14.207
TG 1:13.982
TG 1:13.803
15mins gone, 45mins left
NP 1:13.154
NP 1:12.954
Only half the drivers had done more than an installation lap so far
KR 1:12.881
HK 1:12.555
LH 1:12.278
(FM P2 1:12.427)
25mins gone; everyone has posted at least one flying lap; P1=LH, 2=FM, 3=HK, 4=KR
30mins gone = halfway through this final practice session
15mins left; top 4 unchanged
5mins left - time for a final push to top the timing table
HK 1:12.225
LH 1:12.212
FA 1:12.141
Chequered flag is out

Fastest=FA followed by LH, HK, FM, SV, NH, SB, MW, NO, JT, NR, RK, KN, DC, RB, JB, GF, AS.

Remember it's only practice - qualifying is only a couple of hours away
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