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Paul's Page
All quiet on the Twitter front 
1st-Dec-2008 08:18 am
Another day without a posting from LoudTwitter (the last one was on Thursday) - what's happened?

I know I've tweeted a lot recently; maybe if I can keep the number down today, we'll see if it's just me exceeding some limit in LoudTwitter.

TweetStats (click image to enlarge):
Looks like I tweeted a lot in November :) on TwitPic

2nd-Dec-2008 04:15 pm (UTC)
I did get an unexpected update yesterday - it was posted at 1:43pm but it was configured LoudTwitter to send updates at 2:30am.

I've just counted my tweets from yesterday and there's a total of 43, including @replies, which doesn't seem like a big enough number to cause a problem (for LoudTwitter; we're not talking about my problem!).

There was no post overnight, so let's see what happens this afternoon...
19th-Dec-2008 12:56 pm (UTC)
As of this moment, I've posted 2,999 tweets ....
13th-Jan-2009 03:36 pm (UTC)
OK, so for 2008 the monthly totals were:

Jan = 20
Feb = 28
Mar = 66
Apr = 104
May = 83
Jun = 139
Jul = 134
Aug = 156
Sep = 396 (big jump!)
Oct = 389
Nov = 638
Dec = 1,046

It's only Jan 13th and so far this month I've posted 263 times already; forecast for Jan = 627.
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