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Paul's Page
Victory Winter Cask Ale Festival - Beer List 
29th-Jan-2009 08:16 pm
Just got an email with the list of cask beers for Saturday's festival at the Victory Cafe:
  • Nickel Brook Cuvee '08, Better Bitters Brewing Company
  • Winter Ale, Great Lakes Brewery
  • Neustadt 180, Neustadt Springs Brewery
  • StoneHammer Oatmeal Coffee Stout, F&M Brewery
  • Hopping Mad, Granite Brewery
  • Blak Katt Stout, County Durham Brewing Co
  • C'est What Old Town Brown, County Durham Brewing Co
  • Double Chocolate Stout, Black Oak Brewery
  • Jubilation Ale, Grand River Brewing
  • Peculiar, Granite Brewery
  • Red Dragon, County Durham Brewing Co
  • Scotch Ale, MacLean's Ales
  • Victory Café Compass Empire Ale, Better Bitters Brewing Company
I had the Jubilation Ale on Tuesday - very nice! :)

More info on the CASK! site: ticket prices etc.
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