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Paul's Page
My pieces of the intertubes 
1st-Jun-2009 01:00 am
Originally posted 22nd-Mar-2009 12:34 pm; date changed to keep it at/near the top of my page

I'm not using my LJ as much as I used to, partly because I'm using other sites; here's where you can find me:
  • My blog @ http://www.henman.ca/
    You'll notice that new posts get copied to my LJ ... for now - I don't know how much longer I'll do this.
    My blog also has a "life stream" section, which includes most of my other postings, so this is the best place to follow me.

  • All my photos are posted to Flickr @ http://flickr.com/photos/pah57/
    I do mark a few as either Friends-only or Family-only, so if you fall in to either category send me your Flickr ID and I'll give you access. (You don't need to sign up to see the public photos.)
    Feel free to leave comments on my pictures; I tend to follow (add as a contact) most people who comment or mark my pics as a favourite.

  • I have a "best of" photoblog, the pick of my pics @ http://paulsphotos.org/
    I'm trying to keep it to one photo every week or two; check out the thumbnails - they're effectively the index to all my posts.
    All these photos come from my Flickr account and link back there so you can see other pictures from the same set.

  • I'm on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/paul_henman, posting up to 140 characters at a time :)
    Don't believe the naysayers who say Twitter is a bunch of people posting about what they had for breakfast!
    I follow a lot of local people and/or people interested in Agile/Scrum (project management), so check out my friends list. (Apparently you have to sign up with Twitter before you can see that page.)

  • If you're on Facebook you can find me @ http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=819815499
    I tend to only add people I know; if you know me, you'll know I have a bad memory so give me a hint how we know each other when you send a friend request :)

  • If you're interested in what music I'm listening to, I'm on Last.fm @ http://www.last.fm/user/pah57 - Last.fm will even let you listen to some of the tracks.
    I don't actively use the site so I tend to ignore friend requests.

  • I try to remember to post interesting bookmarks to http://delicious.com/pah57
    Apparently you can add people to a network but I've not really used this feature, but let me know if you use de.icio.us too and I'll take a look.

  • As well as the "life stream" on my blog, most (all?) my posts/photos are echoed to my FriendFeed @ http://friendfeed.com/paulhenman/
    I don't use FriendFeed to comment on other people's posts usually - I try to find their original post (e.g. on their blog) and comment there.
I try to keep work and play separate; you can find my "work" presence:
  • on LinkedIn @ http://www.linkedin.com/in/paulhenman
    Like Facebook, I tend to only connect with people I actually know (or have at least met!) but I'm keen to network with other people interested in Scrum/Agile. I think it only asks your for my email address if you pick "Other" from the "how do you know him?" list; the answer is the name of the service (linkedin) at my work domain (topmanager.ca). (I'm not writing the actual address here in the hope it won't be spotted by spammers!)

  • I've got a blog too (http://www.topmanager.ca/) that I really ought to spend more time on!
    Right now it's just my résumé and a little more info; I should write some posts about my experiences with using Scrum/Agile/XP, both good and bad.

You can find a summary page ("Where to find Paul and Kerri") @ http://www.henman.org/
Update: you can find a longer list of my online presence @ http://www.paulhenman.me/
22nd-Mar-2009 05:49 pm (UTC)
I love your photos! Unfortunately I don't know how to follow several blogs in a similar way that I follow LJ blogs. Like a friendspage. Any idea.
22nd-Mar-2009 07:31 pm (UTC)
FriendFeed is the tool many people use; if, for example, you follow me there (at http://friendfeed.com/paulhenman/) it will aggregate all my posts from the various sites.

Personally I use RSS (via Google Reader but there are lots of other RSS readers) and subscribe to people's various feeds. There are even feeds for LJ user pages, so I could read everything from one place.

There are other ways too, e.g. I use http://www.watchthatpage.com/ for sites that don't have an RSS feed - it emails me when the page is updated.

Lots of choice; what do you use to follow non-LJ people now?
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