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Paul's Page
F1 or FOTA? 
4th-Jun-2009 03:36 pm
BBC reports:
Motorsport boss Max Mosley has told existing Formula 1 teams they are free to leave the championship if they refuse to comply with new regulations."If you want to formulate your own rules, then you can organise your own championship"
So the question is, if the current teams left Formula One and started their own championship, would you watch?
Poll #1411074 F1 or FOTA?

If the current Formula One (F1) teams left and started their own championship, which would you watch?

F1 - doesn't matter which teams, I'm sticking with Bernie & Max
The new championship - it's about the teams & drivers - dump the politics
Both! Anything on four wheels!
Neither - I've had enough of these spoiled kids squabbling
Neither - I don't watch F1
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