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Paul's Page
Chicken and egg problem 
17th-Jul-2009 10:14 pm

Originally published at Paul Henman at henman.ca. You can comment here or there.

I spent today trying to rebuild a friend’s PC after it became full of viruses, and by full I mean there were so many infected files the anti-virus software said it didn’t have room to quarantine any more files!

I reinstall the various flavours of Windows often enough that I didn’t expect too many problems, although I know I’ll always hit a bump or two along the way. Well, today’s was a real stumper: the drivers for the network card (NIC) wouldn’t work with the version of Windows I’d installed (Windows 2000) unless it also had SP3 (Service Pack = collection of Windows patches) installed, but I couldn’t download & apply SP3 without a network connection. Stalemate.

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