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Paul's Page
Hungarian Grand Prix – Race 
26th-Jul-2009 07:54 am

Originally published at Paul Henman at henman.ca. You can comment here or there.

If you didn’t see Qualifying yesterday, you should at least catch the highlights before today’s race – the good news is that Massa seems to be OK. (I’ve been adding comments to my notes from Qualifying as I find news updates.) Obviously he won’t be racing today but hopefully he’ll be back for the next GP.

As I mentioned in my Qualifying notes, Toro Rosso have replaced Sebastien Bordais with Jaime Alguersuari – the youngest-ever F1 driver.

The provisional grid: FA, SV, MW, LH, NR, HK, KR, JB, KN, [FM], SB, JT, RB, TG, NP, NH, GF, AS, RK, JA.

Air temperature 25°C, track 43°C, wind 8.6m/s, humidity 41%, pressure 993.3mBar.

As always, my race notes are behind this cut …

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