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Paul's Page
European Grand Prix – Qualifying 
22nd-Aug-2009 08:00 am

Originally published at Paul Henman at henman.ca. You can comment here or there.

Recap of practice sessions:

  • Friday practice 1: RB fastest (1:42.460) followed by HK, LH
  • Friday practice 2: FA (1:39.404), JB, RB
    Luca Badoer was fined €5400 and reprimanded for speeding in the pit lane four times
    No word on FA being penalised for the collision with NH and then entering the pits after the pit lane entrance
  • Saturday practice: AS (1:39.143), KN, GF
    The session was red-flagged following SV’s engine blow up

Weather for Qualifying: air 30°C, track 44°C, wind 3.2m/s, humidity 65%
The tyre compounds available this weekend are the soft (prime) and super soft (option).

Qualifying session 1 (Q1):

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