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Paul's Page
Malaysian Grand Prix – Practice 
2nd-Apr-2010 12:02 pm

Originally published at Paul Henman at henman.ca. You can comment here or there.

BBC report that Jenson Button was doing his track walk when a downpour hit, and when he arrived back at McLaren HQ the power failed and he conducted half of his interviews in the dark!

Happy birthday Mike Gascoyne, Lotus technical chief.

Practice 1:
Force India test driver Paul di Resta is in Liuzzi’s car, and Malaysian Fairuz Fauzy gets Kovalainen’s seat.
PdlR 1:53.090
Mark Webber pits – an over-heating problem for his Red Bull? Stickers on his bodywork bubbling up and peeling off!
Fauzy 1.41.552
JA 1:40.119 … and shortly after tells his team he has a problem with the engine
JB 1:35.464
LH 1:34.921
PdlR takes his Sauber for a detour through the gravel … and then a couple of laps later FM does the same
Chequered flag; fastest were LH, NR, JB, MS, RK, MW, AS, FA, SV, SB.

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