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Paul's Page
Martha goes geek 
29th-Jul-2007 10:28 am

Originally published at Paul Henman at henman.ca. You can comment here or there.

I was reading Martha Stewart Geeks Out for Wired‘s Annual How To Guide and spotted some interesting snippets:

First of all, they [geeks] can learn to prioritize, and they can learn how to make things beautiful. It’s about using your hands and your mind to make things work better. Whether you’re a programmer or a seamstress, it’s all about new techniques, simplifying old techniques, and consolidating steps. Making things go faster — but not worse. Better.


“You own it if you made it.”

While I think of it, here’s another quote – I don’t remember where I saw/heard this but I noted it down a while ago as a good maxim:

Do it.
Do it right.
Do it right now.

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