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Paul Henman
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Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

What am I listening to?
1966, apache, audioscrobbler, badminton, beer, bjork, björk, black sabbath, britain, c, c programming, canada, cartography, cartoons, classic rock, computers, concerts, creative nomad, css, deep purple, digital photography, driving fast, drums, eee, england, f1, family guy, fast cars, fedora, formula 1, formula one, futurama, gadgets, gigs, glaciers, grand prix, great britain, hard rock, heart problems, heavy metal, henman, hosting, html, humour, internet, iron maiden, islay, it security, javascript, jobs, lacrosse, lake district, lakes, lamborghini, lancashire, lancaster, lancaster university, led zeppelin, linux, live bands, live concerts, live gigs, live music, magritte, malt whisky, maple leafs, maps, marillion, monty python, motor racing, motor sport, motorsport, movable type, mp3s, mpfc, music, mythbusters, nigella lawson, nomad zen xtra, north west, north west england, opera web browser, palm, palm os, palm tungsten, palm tungsten|e, palmos, pda, penguins, photographs, photography, photos, pink floyd, pints, pizza, planning, project management, project planning, projects, pubs, puns, real ale, rene magritte, rock, rock music, rugby, rugby union, rush, salvador dali, scotch, scotch whisky, simpsons, single malts, sisyphus, snow, software development life cycle, south park, spicy food, standards, strong bad, surreal art, surrealist art, sushi, techie toys, technology, terry pratchett, thai food, the prisoner, the simpsons, the west wing, thunderstorms, toronto, toronto maple leafs, tungsten, uk, united kingdom, unix, urban legends, vexillology, web design, web hosting, web servers, web standards, west wing, whisky, wine, winter, world rally championship, wrc, xhtml